Meet our Musical Leader

We are led by Chris Strong. He joined us in April 2019. 

Chris is known to many singers in the South West as the leader of the annual ‘Summer Sings’ and the Scratch Choir. He has been singing since he can remember but only joined a choir in 2010. Chris doesn’t read music and doesn’t play a musical instrument – instead he relies on his voice and memory alone to learn and teach his repertoire of songs. 

In 2014, Chris formed the well known Somerton based a cappella group, Somer Singers, who perform throughout Somerset and travel to Bristol, Devon and Dorset to sing at events.

Chris takes over Isle Abbotts Choir from David Sutcliffe, who’d led the choir for 18 years. He has a different style, but under Chris’s leadership the traditions and values will be maintained – we are above all friendly and welcoming to everyone who wants to sing.

Chris is a fun and inspirational character. He teaches at a fast pace and keeps the group energised and making sure everyone is having fun.

After the first session with Chris, I went home buzzing …

Andrew, Tenor